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New Kids On The Block | biografia video testi canzoni

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foto New Kids On The Block

testi canzoni New Kids On The Block

Remember when we said girl please don't go And how I'd be loving you forever Taught you 'bout hanging tough As ...

Call It What You Want
I can tell you've been watching me, girl, I've been watching you too. - I got the feeling you want my love, I ...

Cover Girl
I get up in the mornin' and I see your face, girl You're lookin' so good, everything's in place Don't you know ...

[Spoken:] - Jones Beach 1988 - Come on - - Do you remember, - Or should I rewind, - To that summer wh ...

If You Go Away
Girl, I just can't live without you - I know I hurt you - That's the last thing I meant to do - Sometimes I ...

Please Don't Go Girl
Talk Intro... We've been together for a long time baby Do you have to leave? Please don't go girl I just can' ...

I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
Yeah - I'm not that kind of guy who can take a broken heart - So don't ever leave - I don't want to see us par ...

Somebody said somebody wouldn't last too long, somebody's still going strong. - Somebody said somebody was al ...

No More Games
Action - Games, games, games, games, games, games - Hey, games - Somebody said somebody wouldn't last too long ...



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