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R. Kelly | biografia video testi canzoni

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foto R. Kelly

testi canzoni R. Kelly

Radio Message
This is a radio message to my baby, - And I'm begging her - Come back, come back, - Come back, come back, - Co ...

When A Woman Loves
It's a new day and I feel good - If I wanna spread my wings - I know that I could - I got a feeling that tonig ...

Hair Braider
[Chorus] - Hairbraider huh I'm doin my hairbraider - And she do my hair so good that I'm gonna tip her - Th ...

Gotham City
I'm lookin over the skyline of the city. How loud quiet nights in the mist of crime. How next door the happine ...

Soldier's Heart
All hope was gone - Hard to hang on - Hard to be strong - Was blind, could not see - Nothing but walls in ...

Happy People
Ladies and gentlemen - This here is another one for tha steppas - DJ Wayne Williams - Put the record on - Whoa ...

Half On A Baby
(Bridge 1): Ooh na na na ( yo... yo body) yo' body na na na (2x) turn the lights down low I'm ready da break ...

Feelin' On Yo Booty
Chorus: This is my song 4 real no doubt See the DJ is makin me feel thugged out As I walk U 2 dance floor ...

Bad Man
You see really I don't Give a damn what you may think of me (That's right you're a bad ass nigga) I'mma do ...

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