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Whitney Houston | biografia video testi canzoni

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All The Man That I Need
I used to cry myself to sleep at night - But that was all before he came - I thought love had to hurt to tur ...

My Name Is Not Susan
Verse 1 One night not long ago I fell for you Too easy to let go She was one from your past One of the fe ...

I Look To You
As I lay me down, - heaven hear me now. - I'm lost without a cause - after giving it my all. - Winter storms h ...

Try It On My Own
verse 1)I'm wiser now Im not the foolish girl you used to know so long ago im stronger now ive learned from m ...

I'm Every Woman
Whatever you want, Whatever you need, Anything you want done, baby, I'll do it naturally 'Cause I'm every ...

It's Fine - Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine - It's Alright - I got in last night - Thought the world stopped turning - ...

I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Clock strikes upon the hour - And the sun begins to fade - Still enough time to figure out - How to chase my b ...



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