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Lenny Kravitz | biografia video testi canzoni

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foto Lenny Kravitz New York 26/05/1964

testi canzoni Lenny Kravitz

Always on the run
My mama said That your life is a gift And my mama said There's much weight you will lift And my mama said Leav ...

Stand By My Woman
There were times I wasn't kind - And there were times I wasn't even around - And there were times I made you c ...

I was converted to the other side - From the day I'd gotten there - I met a girl who took me on a ride - I was ...

[Verse 1] - Don't give up, - You're gonna see tomorrow - That you'll be on your feet again - Sometimes the wor ...

I'll Be Waiting
He broke your heart - He took your soul - You hurt inside - 'Cause there's a hole - You need some time - To be ...

Mr. Cab Driver
Mr. Cab Driver won't you stop to let me in - Mr. Cab Driver don't you like my kind of skin - Mr. Cab Driver ...

Dig In
It's time to face and come-on in and join the party - Life has been waiting for you to care - Don't try to fak ...

I'm crazy for this little lady - I'm freaking for my little baby - 'Cause she makes me feel good - She's so fi ...

Where Are We Runnin?
Fast lane - High speed - On the grind - 24/7 - No time - Always runnin' here and there - Chasin' the money - S ...

It Ain't Over Til It's Over
here we are still together we are one so much time wasted playing games with love so many tears i've cried so ...

Lenny Kravitz album / compilation
Revisited Rock 3 Revisited Rock 3
Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
Strut (Bonus Track Version) Strut (Bonus Track Version)
Are You Gonna Go My Way Are You Gonna Go My Way
Hot Parade Spring 2015 Hot Parade Spring 2015
Hot Parade Spring 2015 Hot Parade Spring 2015


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