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Undisclosed Desires
I know you've suffered - But I don't want you to hide - It's cold and loveless - I won't let you be denied - S ...

[Verse 1] - Help me, I've fallen on the inside - I tried to change the game, I try to infiltrate, but now I'm ...

Butterflies and Hurricanes
Change everything you are - And everything you were - Your number has been calledFights and battles have begun ...

Sing For Absolution
Lips are turning blue - A kiss that can't renew - I only dream of you - My beautifulTiptoe to your room - A st ...

Hyper Music
your golden skies feed my role in this forgotten space race under my control who's returned from the dead? who ...

Apocalypse Please
Declare this an emergency - Come on and spread a sense of urgency - And pull us through - And pull us through ...

Muscle Museum
She had something to confess to - But you don't have the time so - Look the other way - You will wait until it ...

Paranoia is in bloom, - The PR transmissions will resume - They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed d ...

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