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testo canzone : Heroes Die Ronnie Day

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Maybe you?re a tree who?s leaves stay
Or maybe you go where the wind blows
All I know is I?m right either way

Every word you spoke was subtle
So I never gave you one rebuttal
Because somehow I knew you
Meant what you said

It?s like I spoke to you,
It?s like you spoke to me
You know we need each other
These things we built could last forever.

Sometimes we watch our heroes die
And we don?t know why
We don?t know why they
Left us so young
Sometime we watch our mirrors cry
And we don?t know why
We don?t know why they
Left us undone

I?ve learned that I can live without you
I?ve learned that there are things about you
Which I knew
Which I chose to hold in

I?ve seen your eyes when they?re glassed over
Your charcoaled lungs? Malignant fire
Desire kept us holding on tight.

I am now everything good that you did
I?m tossing out all of the things you kept hid
Like the scars on your knuckles
The way that you chuckled?
When the bottle made way for it

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Ronnie Day

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